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District Basketball Tournament

Here are some random shots from last week’s district tournament.  Unfortunately, the Sheridan girls lost out in their first two games, but they certainly played well.  The Sheridan boys finished fourth in the conference and have moved on to the divisional tournament this week.  Twin Bridges did well; the boys finishing second and the girls finishing third.  Ennis also performed quite well.  The boys got third place and the girls got second place.  The Harrison girls won first place, but I didn’t get any pics of them.  Enjoy!  I may add more at a later date.


Daijha – Purple Gel

This is the revised version of my earlier shot, but now with some changes I wanted to implement.  At least in this one, she is in her game jersey.  In retrospect, I wish I had composed it a little differently.

Lighting Info:
Key Light: 1x YN560 in a 40″ SK umbrella softbox, at 1/2 power, with a 1/4 CTO gel, camera left, about 5-6 feet away, and raised about 2 feet above Daijha

Hair Light: 1x YN460 at 1/16 power, bare, on a light stand behind Daijha

Background Light: 1x YN560, bare, on a light stand, at full power, zoomed to 105mm, with a snoot, and gelled with an indigo gel

All flashes triggered by Cactus V5 triggers.

Camera Info:
Camera: Canon 1D Mark II
Lens: Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
Shutter Speed: 1/250
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO 50
Focal Length: 51mm

Sheridan BB vs Gardiner 1-29-11

It’s hard to believe that the basketball season is almost over!  Only 3 weeks to go now until Districts.  Both the girls and the guys played some great basketball on Saturday against the Gardiner Bruins.

In their previous matchup, the guys lost to the Bruins.  This time, they would have none of that.  The Panthers jumped out to a huge lead by the end of the first quarter and never looked back.  Gardiner did try to mount a comeback during the fourth quarter, but were not able to pull it out.

The girls played one of their best games of the year, although the score doesn’t seem to indicate that.  It’s hard, when the Lady Bruins darted out to a 30 point lead by the end of the first quarter, and ended up with 74 points for the game.  But the Sheridan Lady Panthers played really well!  It has been a growing year for them, as most of them are sophomores.  I know some of the girls are discouraged, but they are doing awesome considering how young the team is!

Here are some pics from the games:

Sheridan BB at Twin Bridges 1-22-11

Here are a few images from the last game I shot.  Twin Bridges has a nice big gym, but it is a cave!  I always have a hard time getting decent shots out of there.  The girls had a tough game; this is very much a growing year for them.  They are mostly sophmores and freshmen, with 2 juniors and 1 senior.  It has been a rough year so far, but considering their inexperience, they are doing great!

The boys played a good game against one of the best Class C teams in the state.  They stayed pretty close throughout the entire game.  It was definitely a huge improvement over the last time we played the Falcons!


Volleyball Tournament

I debated putting sports photos on my blog, because I want the focus of my work to be portraits.  But I got to thinking, (a dangerous thing for me), and I thought, “Why not?  They’re just as much my work as portraits.”  So, I thought I would share some from a recent volleyball tournament.  None of my images from this tournament are available for sale or distribution of any kind.